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Universal, recursive, and lossless compression

Compress anything, again, accurately.

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Reverse-Big Bang Your Data

Algemetric’s cryptographic strength meets AES
Satellite Data
Secure Outsourcing
DNA Data
Secure Img Processing
Data compression
Privacy Compliance
Data Compression
Privacy Compliance
Space Radio
Waves Compression
What is it?

The weight loss regime for data.

Bramah compresses arbitrary data in a recursive and lossless fashion. The notion of  “arbitrary data”  includes high-entropy data files such as encrypted data, compressed files or just noise.

Random or not.
Bramah does it.

Existing compression algorithms are based on finding simple patterns in data or reducing the quality of a message. They cannot handle random data.

Bramah breaks that barrier, the ultimate compressor that works on all kinds of data without loss. In online applications, this means faster internet speeds, on your computer - that’s more space in your hard drive.


A Password that contains everything you need


Geometric Algebra.
Intrinsically Homomorphic.

Lossless Compression

Space Efficient.
Not Decifient.

Bramah’s compression combines the best of two worlds;the space efficiency in lossy compression, but the original quality you’d get in lossless. Bramah’s algorithm enables data to able decompressed back to the exact same state as it was before, while its compressed state sitting at a minute fraction of its original size.


Bramah is the world’s first Bounded recursive compression, what is nothing more than a hotly contested concept is realised, fully working and beneficial. Take advantage from being able to continually reduce file size form multiple compressions.

Space Industry
Medical Research
Data Management
Data Securities

Top to Bottom

In a rapidly accelerating world with a relentless collective force that pushes the boundaries of today; there has never been a flexible tool to deliver large-scale data efficiently. From outer space, down to the very blood cell in our human bodies,

Bramah is the ultimate vehicle to enable scalable data management. From transmitting crucial information from satellites floating above us, to the researcher scrabbling to find the antidote to a contagious disease, a tool to compress big data to bite sized packages has been nothing but a scientist’s dream - it all changes right now.

See how it works

Check out the video on the left to see it in action!

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