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Step into the future of computing

Translate classical algorithms into their quantum counterparts.

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Algemetric’s future-proof bridge to the future.
Secure Outsourcing
Zero Loss in
Secure Img Processing
Machine Learning
& Statistics
Privacy Compliance
Secure personal
password management
What is it?

Change algorithms without any loss in accuracy.

You turn the processes and logic behind a computer’s execution into a dynamic and responsive counterpart, achieving the same outcome as a linear algorithm. Algorithms runs through Vein to transform themselves into better versions of themselves, bringing accesible, performant algorithms with unprecedented level of parallelism to computing.

The Scaffold for

Vein is Algemetric’s framework for constructing error-free, general-purpose, parallel, and randomized algorithms. Vein transforms deterministic algorithms into their probabilistic equivalent while achieving the desired solution with zero penalty in accuracy.


Penalty in Accuracy after conversion


Geometric Algebra.
Intrinsically Homomorphic.

Future Science in the making.

The nature of Vein’s product means it  can delivers Error-free algorithms for a wide range of applications, in partucular, Vein thrives in the application of machine learning, statistics, and model predictive control.

Everything at Once.

Everything that the server needs from the user is in the password itself.  From a single password, Stork can verify if any given request is within an allowed time window, to a particular resource, by a particular user, from an allowed machine.

Made to Solve Digital Puzzles.

Transformation of deterministic and non- parallelizable algorithms into probabilistic and parallelizable algorithms, which can be instrumental for security (cryptography and related areas) and performance.

Preservation of any existing homomorphisms of the original algorithm.

Robotics &
System Control

Tooled for Ingenuity

Vein’s framework design enables it to be a flexible solution that enables its use in a wide range of industries.

From designing process controls in the Oil and Energy industry,  to providing a platform to accelerate the future of Robotics - Vein serves to propel each and every aspect of the sciences.

See how it works

Check out the video on the left to see it in action!

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