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Smart, Scalable, and Secure access control for a world of resources and connections

A powerful and efficient solution to secure machine-to-machine communication
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Wide Reaching Benefits

Multilayered identity
and privilege verification
Secure Outsourcing
Ideal for machine-to
-machine communication
Secure Img Processing
No databases
Privacy Compliance
Authentication and
authorization combined
What is it?

Securely exchanges tokens over insecure channels.

Tokens are meant to be used. Stork loads its tokens with user-selected utilities and multilayered security options. This enables Stork to communicate and apply tokens as securely as an exchanged secret key.

Token Design

Packaged in
the Token

Each token is constructed as a one-way function that embodies information about user identification, user hierarchy, expiration date, and allowed IP of resources, as well as the ability of adding custom features.


Stork is data-centric (DC), that is, everything relevant to authentication and authorization is in the Stork token.


Our solution is powered by Geometric Algebra (GA), a lightweight and scalable algebraic structure for advanced computing over multi-dimensional objects.

Privacy and You.

No Personal Information Stored.

One less point of failure. The Stork Server holds no information about the user, no database for access or identity verification and thereby eliminates common vulnerabilities of database solutions.

Everything at Once.

Everything that the server needs from the user is in the password itself.  From a single password, Stork can verify if any given request is within an allowed time window, to a particular resource, by a particular user, from an allowed machine.


Access control reimagined.

Stork combines the power of one-way functions, zero-knowledge proofs, and key exchange protocols to provide a unique authentication and authorization solution for a variety of scenarios and applications.

Each token we generate is embodied with an emulation of multi-factor authentication in a single step. Tokens are never exposed to insecure channels and identity and privileges can be verified in an oblivious fashion.

See how it works

Check out the video on the left to see it in action!

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