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Simplified algorithm optimization.

Build and deploy decentralized and GPU-based parallel algorithms with a friendly and robust framework designed for efficiency.
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Rethinking Computation.

The best of error-free, decentralized, and parallel algorithms in a single solution.
Algorithms that eliminate rounding
errors when accuracy matters.
Secure Outsourcing
Performance boost for
Machine Learning & Statistics
Privacy Compliance
Overall savings
in energy.
Secure Img Processing
Upgrade legacy bottlenecks with
GPU-ready parallel processing code.
What is it?

We take care of the hurdles of performance optimizations so you can focus on results.

Vein is a framework equipped with a friendly and yet powerful Domain Specific Language (DSL) that provides you the ability to design algorithms in a higher level of abstraction. Our DSL helps you to achieve efficient results with algorithms of reasonably small descriptions. Whether you are aiming for decentralised architectures or parallel computing, Vein allows you to focus on your business logic and leave the optimisation to Vein. If you so desire, Vein will let you seamlessly deploy your applications in a continuous integration fashion.

Your Scaffold for
Efficient Computing.

Vein is designed to be as flexible as needed for reaching a wide variety of scenarios. You can use Vein as a stand-alone application providing an all-in-one development solution, from writing the code to deploying it. Vein can also be used to speed up particular components of larger applications. If you want to convert high-level ideas to circuit-level instructions, optimize GPU-driven development, or yet conduct benchmarks between different platforms, languages, and technologies, then Vein is the right tool for you.


Vein optimizes code with zero loss (ZL) . However, it is not really better if it does not run faster.


Doing more in less time will lead your applications to experience energy savings (ES).

An indispensable tool for research technologies.

Vein serves your R&D process, from prototyping and proofs of concept all the way through to achieving minimum viable products, benchmarks, and production-ready applications.  Vein produces optimized code for a variety of decentralized and parallel architectures with no need to worry about the optimization process itself. Vein has a special treatment for error-free algorithms for a wide range of applications, including machine learning, statistics, and model predictive control.

Everything at Once.

Are you interested in probabilistic, error-free, decentralized, parallel, highly efficient, and energy-saving algorithms, all in a single solution? Then Vein is for you.

Made to Solve Digital Puzzles.

Vein converts deterministic algorithms into their probabilistic counterparts. This can be particularly useful for applications related to data encoding, obfuscation, cryptography, and general-purpose computer algebra.
Randomization is added to deterministic algorithms while preserving their existing homomorphisms and lossless computation.

Robotics &
System Design

Tooled for Ingenuity

Vein’s framework design enables it to be a flexible solution that enables its use in a wide range of industries.From designing process controls in the Oil and Energy industry to providing a platform to accelerate the future of Robotics - Vein serves to propel each and every aspect of the sciences.

See how it works

Check out the video on the left to see it in action!

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