Who We Are

Algemetric was founded in 2016 as a research and development group for creating and licensing new data-centric technologies. In 2021 we initiated a transition to offering B2B products.

Since our foundation, we have specialized in data-centric solutions for various purposes, including data collection, preparation, representation, transmission, compression, storage, security, privacy, analytics, and visualization.


After our transition started, while talking to prospective customers and strategic partners, we obtained a detailed view of the negative implications of improper data exploration and collaboration throughout organizations in many fields of industry. 


As data enthusiasts, we want organizations to take the most value from strategic data they possess or have access to for increasing their operational efficiency and profitability. 


At the same time, we understand that several safeguards must be in place so all resulting benefits from innovative data processing can be appreciated with the peace of mind that comes from adequate compliance with security and privacy standards and regulations.


The major shareholder of Algemetric is the Australian based Goodman Family Office, who oversees investments across a broad range of areas such as agriculture, property, private and public equity – with an increasing focus on emerging trends in technology and innovation. This diversity has been underpinned by the family’s founding investment in international industrial company Goodman Group, which is one of the world’s leading providers of logistic and warehousing space. 

Our vision

To be the world’s most efficient and innovative provider of secure and privacy-preserving data-centric solutions.

Our mission

To maximize the potential of our customers’ strategic data and turn it into their most powerful and profitable source of insights, intelligence, and innovation. As direct consequences of our mission, we aim to:

Bridge the excellence of rigorous academic research with the industry’s practical, timely, blunt, and unapologetically demanding reality.

Implement, deploy, maintain, scale, and continuously improve solutions far beyond ideas that only look good on paper.

Effectively address pain points of organizations that need efficient tools, services, products, and platforms that are readily available, easily customizable, and undoubtedly profitable.

Add value to our customers’ offerings by maximizing the utility of their data, strengthening their existing products and services, providing security and privacy by default and by design, reinforcing their strategic advantage over immediate competitors, and enabling new revenue streams.

Combine the power of mathematics, computer science, cryptography, software, DevOps engineering, data science, and a wide variety of multidisciplinary skills and experience for providing undoubtedly accurate answers to the most restless questions, complaints, and concerns of entities that depend on the disruptive and unthinkable explorations of strategic data for the complete and concrete satisfaction of the organization’s objectives.

Work closely and continuously with our customers to output truly unique value propositions according to their commercial and institutional needs., and undoubtedly profitable.

As active members of academia and industry, we value the feedback of our peers. However, the ultimate validation we seek is the recognition and satisfaction of the organizations we serve.

Our Principles

We are committed to doing great things with integrity, transparency, humility, collaboration, and trust. Our principles guide our research and engineering decisions, and our customer-focused products represent who we are and how we approach the world.

Provide efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving solutions by default and by design.

Efficiency, security, and privacy should not be seen as product attributes. Instead, they should be baked into everything we do.

Bridge academia and industry with excellence and efficiency.

It requires experience, skills, innovative thinking, and a disruptive approach to bridge the gap between research, innovation, and market realization.

Enable new business opportunities with fairness, ethics, and integrity.

We are committed to developing long-term commercial relationships while supporting our employees to delight customers through every touchpoint.

Be relentless in delivering innovative answers for our customers’ hard problems.

We want to create impactful products that further advance the state-of-the-art while focusing on customer success, one thing at a time.

Make overcoming expectations a habit.

We cannot settle for less than walking the extra mile when delivering data-centric solutions to our customers and strategic partners. We are invested in keeping on pushing the boundaries of well-known technologies and continuously exploring new ideas for unanswered questions.


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