Algemetric joins the MPC Alliance

here is a whole new series of security and privacy solutions powered by threshold security, multiparty computation (MPC), and related technologies. Those are methodologies and mechanisms that are helping to shape the secure computation of the future. 


A community of like-minded individuals and organizations driven by innovative ideas and strategic thinking is one of the core ingredients for establishing a platform of true technological transformation pushing advances in the field of security and privacy. 


A prominent example of this type of community is the MPC Alliance, a group of industry pioneers with strong roots in academia and industry working to accelerate awareness, acceptance, and adoption of MPC technology. 


Algemetric proudly joins the MPC Alliance as a General Member to manifest its engagement in contributing to the MPC Alliance. We believe that a powerful technology such as MPC requires a strong industry community for discussing best practices, use cases, and the trends for the future of secure multiparty computation.


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