Algemetric Partners with Pipar\TBWA to Optimize Project Management and Financial Reporting

Reykjavik, IcelandPipar\TBWA and Algemetric have announced a partnership to optimize data-driven project management and financial reporting.


Algemetric’s solutions, powered by advanced data analytics and business intelligence, enable Pipar\TBWA to reduce manual labor involved in managing project info, minimize reporting errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency by automating data management processes. 


This optimization is enabled by Prisma, Algemetric’s secure and privacy-preserving data management and analytics platform. Prisma handles data collection, preparation, and visualization for providing insights, analytics, and intelligence from multiple independent data sources in a unified way. It provides the flexibility to handle arbitrary formats and complex patterns, ensuring that these datasets are informative. Prisma offers a comprehensive set of data visualization mechanisms that can be extended to address the specific needs of various niche applications.


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