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Decentralized secure image processing.

Efficient and privacy-preserving image manipulation.
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Image processing like you never saw it.

Secret Sharing
General-purpose privacy-
preserving image algorithms.
Secure Outsourcing
Robust and
ready to scale.
Secure Img Processing
Decentralized and
ready for GPU processing.
Privacy Compliance
Regulation-compliant handling
of highly sensitive images.
What is it?

Secure outsourcing
of image processing.

Obscura is Algemetric’s solution for efficient and secure image manipulation. It is ideal for applications dealing with the sensitive images that are common in health care, law enforcement, military, and area surveillance, among others.


High performance (HP), even with over large volumes of high-definition images.


GPU-ready (GR) for harnessing the power of parallel processing.

Same same, but different.
Not only does Obscura efficiently handle its processes, the media quality remains practically identical, with the encrypted video stream being the same size as the unencrypted stream!
Man waving
Encrypted Feed
Decrypted w/ Key

Now you see me.
Now you don’t.

Obscura can encrypt parts of a video feed separately; where faces or objects identified in unencrypted streams are separately encrypted with its own key, apart from the scene.

This level of flexibility allows information to be shared by multiple parties/agencies while maintaining privacy in surveillance applications.

Military &
Research &

Say less,

Obscura is your path for compliance with privacy-related regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA. For military and law enforcement applications, Obscura works as a standalone solution or in concert with a wide variety of cloud and distributed technologies. You control who sees what without concerns of leaking confidential information.

See how it works

Check out the video on the left to see it in action!

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