Integrated Hospitality Management

The Challenge

Commercial hotel management companies may manage many individual hotels, each with their own systems and processes for data collection, management and analytics. Manually processing this data is inefficient, insecure and error prone by nature.

Only Hotel lacked both a standard for data management across hotels, and agility in producing customizable reports. These issues were impacting Only Hotel’s ability to scale and grow their customer base and provide the best results for their clients.

Only Hotel specializes in the commercial hospitality management, created by hoteliers who bring innovative strategies for hotels with a personalized version of management, technology, and commercial planning. Only Hotel operates with the best tools available in the market to deliver maximum performance and productivity in direct sales. Only Hotel works to increase booking numbers, increase profit margins, convert reservations, manage rate fluctuations and promote properties through sales channels.

Our Solution

Only Hotel implemented Prisma, Algemetric’s platform for secure and privacy-preserving data management and analytics, into their managed hotels. Prisma handles data collection, preparation, and visualisation for providing insights, analytics, and intelligence from multiple independent data sources in a unified way. The platform provides advanced analytics, dynamic pricing capabilities, and integrates with existing Property Management Systems (PMS), Revenue Management Systems (RMS), Customer Management Systems (CMS) and other tools for improved operational efficiency and revenue management for Only Hotel’s managed properties. 

Prisma combines predictive analytics, machine learning, and data security in a user-friendly interface, aligning with the need for a sophisticated, integrated management system.

Key Benefits

Integrated and Efficient Operations:

A seamless integration of operational processes, where data management and analysis can be conducted within a single platform.


Automated and Optimized Revenue Management:

Implementing dynamic pricing strategies that are responsive to real-time occupancy rates, thereby maximizing revenue.


Streamlined Data Management and Reporting:

Easy-to-use, dynamic dashboards that allow for real-time data analytics and customizable reporting.


Enhanced Customer and Account Management:

A more scalable approach to managing hotel accounts, leading to increased customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Opportunities and Concerns

Every hotel managed by Only Hotel had a unique process for data, account, customer and revenue management – making their operations high-touch and non-scalable. Prisma addresses these challenges of manual data analysis, inefficient pricing strategies, and disparate system usage. Ultimately enhancing revenue generation through dynamic pricing, improved data management, and streamlined operational processes.


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