Project and Financial Management

The Challenge

Every advertising agency has a unique process for managing projects, tasks, and billable hours. Manual data management workflows are time-consuming, error-prone, inefficient, generate duplication, ad-hoc, and are difficult to inspect for errors.


Additionally, hiring developers to handle API integrations and advanced data management is also expensive. Prisma enables entire workflows to be mapped and automated, effectively becoming a process within applications.

Pipar\TBWA is one of the largest advertising agencies in Iceland where approximately 60 people work together towards one common goal – to work with clients to achieve their desired results. Pipar\TBWA is an independent, Icelandic agency in collaboration with TBWA worldwide from which it utilizes the knowledge, marketing tools and ideology, known as Disruption, to develop business-changing ideas for the brands it works with. TBWA comprises over 300 agencies globally. 

Our Solution

Prisma is responsible for Pipar\TBWA’s project data management, automation and visualization – efficiently handling the complexities of working with external data sources and automating manual routines. Prisma streamlines project management, task handling, and financial reporting, allowing Pipar\TBWA to spend more time on producing great results for their clients. Prisma also integrates with Wrike and other tools, and offers dynamic dashboard capabilities for better visualization and management of project information and hours.

Algemetric’s advanced data management and analytics streamline project management, task handling, data visualization, and reporting while eliminating the need for in-house technical expertise. All while safeguarding your most sensitive and valuable data.

Key Benefits

Seamless Integration and Automation:

Automated and efficient integration between external tools and software, reducing manual data transfer and entry.


Advanced Data Visualization and Reporting:

Effective and dynamic dashboard capabilities within Prisma for real-time, accurate data visualization and reporting.


Accurate and Efficient Time Management:

Significantly reduced errors in billable hour reporting and less time spent on managing project information.


Enhanced Competitive Edge:

Improved technical capabilities through Prisma, enabling Pipar to compete more effectively with other agencies.

Opportunities and Concerns

Marketing and advertising agencies recognise that a significant number of hours per week are unnecessarily dedicated to manual project information management and financial reporting. Often, the manual nature of these tasks introduces errors, proves costly, and consumes valuable time that could be devoted to meeting the needs of their clients. Before partnering with Algemetric, Pipar’s use of Microsoft Power BI and other tools lacking integration was inefficient, indicating the need for a more robust, user-friendly, and dynamic solution like Prisma.


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