Algemetric Partners with Only Hotel to Improve Hospitality Pricing and Revenue Management

Natal, Brazil – Only Hotel, a company specialized in commercial hotel management, and Algemetric have announced a strategic partnership to deliver data-driven pricing and revenue management solutions for hospitality applications. 


Algemetric’s solutions, powered by advanced data analytics and business intelligence, enable Only Hotel’s clients to gain better insights into their pricing and optimize their revenue management in a secure and privacy-preserving way.


Algemetric’s context-specific applications are powered by Prisma, Obscura, and Spectra. Prisma provides a rich set of visualization tools for maximizing analytics, insights, and intelligence. Obscura is a secure data processing and analysis tool built upon advanced cryptographic technologies such as homomorphic encryption and multiparty computation to ensure security and privacy for data in use.


Obscura has three main components: Obscura Data Sync (ODS), Obscura Secure Execution Environment (OSEE), and Obscura API (OA). The ODS connects with the customer database, encrypts its data, and sends encrypted data to the OSEE for secure processing, while Spectra protects all communications. All exchanges between the solution’s components are authenticated, authorized, and audited in real-time.


More About Only Hotel


Only Hotel specialises in commercial hotel management. We work with the best tools available on the market to deliver maximum performance and productivity in direct sales. With the aim of increasing direct sales with greater margin for the hotelier.