The Engine Nordics and Algemetric Join Forces to Improve Performance Marketing

Reykjavik, Iceland – The Engine Nordics, an independent digital marketing unit within
Pipar\TBWA, and Algemetric, a provider of secure and efficient data-centric solutions, have
announced a new partnership to tackle the many challenges of performance marketing in the
face of increasing privacy concerns around the world.


The Engine Nordics has an experienced team of marketing professionals with decades of
knowledge in the digital space. The Engine Nordics has created and continues to develop a
series of assessments and reports for addressing many issues and opportunities within
performance marketing, named ODIN: Online Database of Insights and Numbers. As subject
matter experts in all things marketing, The Engine Nordics is the owner of a unique and
powerful set of knowledge, skills, and experience for conceiving a well-defined view of ODIN.
Algemetric is The Engine’s chosen technology partner to bring ODIN to life.


Through the use of Algemetric’s solutions, The Engine Nordics is able to streamline and
automate their processes, thus dramatically increasing their productivity and efficiency.
ODIN is powered by Prisma, Algemetric’s tool for collecting, preparing, organizing, and
visualizing data from multiple independent external sources. In addition, Algemetric’s solutions
allow The Engine Nordics to generate and manage assessments and reports in a user-friendly,
secure and privacy-preserving way.


Over the course of 2023 and on, Algemetric’s solutions will help The Engine Nordics to work
with many creative agencies while allowing them to quickly and easily customize the
presentation style of their reports, maintain their brand identity, and provide expert insights
based on their clients’ data—all while ensuring their data is secure.


“We are excited to have Algemetric as our technology partner,” said Hreggviður Steinar,
Managing Director of The Engine. “The first version of ODIN already delivers a transformational
value to our operation, and yet, the upcoming versions will take ODIN to a whole new
paradigm. ”


“When we found out that The Engine’s team is comprised of seriously committed data
enthusiasts, we rapidly engaged in a common technical language that helped – and continues
to help – both companies to advance ODIN as well as possible while taking full advantage of
Algemetric’s customer-centric approach to application development,” said David Silva, CTO of


Algemetric. “Current results are reassuring. Future versions are set to escalate existing benefits
much further.”


This partnership marks a significant step forward in the performance marketing space, and both
companies look forward to a successful collaboration.


More About The Engine Nordics
The Engine Nordics is an independent unit within Pipar\TBWA and part of the TBWA network, a
collective of over 270 creative agencies worldwide. The Engine’s team of performance and
organic marketing experts have decades of field experience. They have developed award-
winning digital strategies and campaign execution, including a series of assessments and
reports with a proven track record of providing high-value insights for their clients.

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