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Equip your business with solutions of unprecedented efficiency and future-proof security that will lead you to profitable and simplified risk reduction

Why Algemetric?

Unprecedented Efficiency

We think efficiency in every layer of an application by rethinking data encoding, the number of API calls, and the overall computation time while increasing the accuracy and accessibility of results.

Future-Proof Security

We tailor scalable security solutions to the specifications of each application. We combine multiple security protocols to provide the ultimate protection for your digital assets.

Profitable Risk Reduction

Our products simplify compliance with privacy regulations and provide better control of your sensitive information. Our technologies deliver lower cost, security, and a better night’s sleep.

Unboxed Thinkers for
the Future.

Algemetric was founded in 2016 to develop the best security solutions that go beyond the limitations of the traditional approaches available today. With an expansive toolbox of novel mathematics, we have solutions for cloud computing, IoT ecosystems, smart cities, encrypted controllers, video streaming, and secure multiparty computation.

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